Hi! I'm Emily!

I’m a graphic designer with over 8 years experience creating websites, mobile apps, games, posters, funding documents, functional specifications and sometimes even props! There’s really nothing I can’t do, but my speicalty lies in designing for children in an illustrative style.

As an early riser, I’m usually the first into the office. I’m a hard worker and find it easier to focus in the early morning. Though I’m not opposed to working late and getting the job done.

Work background:
During my final year of college I did an internship for marblemedia. They hired me before my internship ended and I worked there for a total of 8 years. Over those years I worked on a variety of projects and tasks from websites to games, and from posters to shaving the stubble in a photo of a colleague. ...I have a few more photo editing stories but I’ll save those for later. ;)

Personal background:
I was born and raised in a small community called Hurkett. It’s in Northern Ontario and has a population of roughly 250 people. It is so small we had no store and the bus ride to the only highschool was 45 minutes. It’s safe to say I lived a rural lifestyle for most of my life. My childhood was spent, fishing, biking, and building forts in the ‘bush’. This contributed to my shy, Tomboy personality. But if you give me some time to get to know you, I can be very bubbly.

Life Now:
Even though I no longer call Northern Ontario home I have come to love the life that the GTA has to offer. I am happily married (4 years) and the mother of two fantastic children (4.5 years and 1.5 ). Life couldn’t be better.

Random things about me (For those who make it this far...):
- I LOVE checklists
- I worked in a pie shop for 2 years and make homemade perogies (I’ll let that sink in...)
- My children are named after video game characters
- I have a yellow stripe down the front of one of my teeth, most people assume it’s from smoking, but I don’t smoke, it’s been there all my life
- I love cats and memes, the two just go together
- I prefer cartoons to live action anything
- I come from a very large family
- I like to dance and will often hold random dance parties
- I don't like wearing shoes
- I love a good internet meme
- I have a few alter egos, Duct Tape Girl and Queen Underpants to name a few.